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Alan, a pastel artist (and an engineer), explores detail in portraiture, dance, drawing of sculpture and sport. Alan enjoys landscapes, plein air art, studying art history through re-creation, and emotive colour. Stylistically realist and precise, but a student of impressionism other artistic styles.

Alan started drawing in 2019, having always carried colouring pencils to entertain the kids, but until then had never used them. He is now a collector of artists Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils, always in search of the perfect pencil. He uses pastels because they are a difficult to control, softening precision. The high pigments content of professional pastels on pastel paper (like sandpaper) make the art the brightest objects at home.

Some art has been professionally reproduced and is available as giclée prints to buy.

Commissions also possible. Although not shown on this site, Alan has recreated old black and white family photos into full colour portraits.

Contact: alandavidmartin@gmail.com


Landscape Menu
Australian and English scenes using vibrant soft pastel colours


Ballet Menu
Studies using a white pastel pencil


Sport Menu
Studies of classical sculpture and paintings using pastel pencils


Dance Menu
Movement and intimacy in dance


Portrait Menu
Concentration in chess.
Sketches using pastel pencil


Rowing Gallery
…a goal, more to follow

Abstract landscapes

Exploring emotive colour in landscapes

Art History

Studying Art History and technique by recreating works

Recent artwork

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  1. Hi Alan, I just gave the portrait you drew to my partner for her Birthday and she loved it! A great success. I really appreciate the vivid colours and thoughtful presentation. Looking forward to seeing more of your work soon.

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