All pastel art uses the best materials possible from a worldwide range of professional suppliers.

There is artwork using soft pastels by Sennelier (France), Unison (UK), AS (Australia), hard crayons by Conte (France), pastel pencils by Derwent UK), Caran d’Ache (Switzerland), Daler Rowney(Austria), Generals (US) and Faber Castell (Germany), Koh-i-noor(Czech). All of these have very good pigments, giving strong colours that look larger than life on the wall. Each has its own colour range and feel.

Art uses PastelMat paper, which is a professional choice. It is not wasted! This paper comes in a range of tones, using different background colours for each artwork. The paper, which is like sandpaper, allows many layers and impressive colour due to the thick depth of pastel. It also allows subtle working of the pastel to organic natural shapes.

Pastel is delicate and would normally be fixed, but use of PastelMat keeps the the pastel dust safely in the tooth of the paper.

Having tried many options the art uses simple standard white frames.

Original art is presented behind specialist non reflective glass or non-reflective acrylic, to avoid reflections caused by normal framing glazings. See here for more on glazing